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Is Arsenal’s Mesut Özil a Reincarnation?


Trust the internet to notice the smallest detail about a movie, song, person or anything. Sometimes, it could even be to the great annoyance of the people concerned, but who cares?

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey brought talk of some curse, after someone noticed that a celebrity or popular figure often dies after Ramsey scores a goal.

Now to another Arsenal player. It’s not clear who noticed this one first, but weird as it is, it is true.

German footballer Mesut Özil bears an uncanny resemblance to Italy’s famous driver and automaker Enzo Ferrari, the mastermind behind the Ferrari brand of sports cars. If you didn’t know the two of them, you could think they’re brothers or twins.

To be fair, the resemblance stops at Ferrari’s younger years. This photo of Enzo Ferrari is from long ago when he was in his twenties. He looked nothing like this when he died in 1988, at the age of 90.

But after Enzo’s death in August 1988, Mesut Özil was born just two months after, in October!

Whether you’re superstitious and believe in reincarnation or not, there’s no denying that this all just looks a bit weird.


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