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A Monk in Hot Oil: Balls of Steel or Just a Trick?

Image: Bangkok Post

Has he got balls of steel or it’s just a confidence trick? This monk, seen in a controversial YouTube video which has now been viewed millions of times, is sitting and meditating in a pot of hot oil.

This monk went viral after photos and videos emerged on the internet a few years ago, of this incident which happened in Nong Bua Lamphu province in Thailand.

Monks are widely believed to have the ability to control their heart rate and body temperature.

In the early 1980s, a Harvard medical school study found that Buddhist monks who practise a certain form of yoga known as g-tummo, could indeed increase their body temperature significantly, especially the fingers and toes, just by meditating.

While there were many people gathered around this monk in Thailand, watching him and taking videos, this feat has had its fair share of scepticism.

Among the sceptics has been Jessada Denduangboripant, a science professor from Thailand who noted that there was no thermometer, which he believes will be the sure proof that the oil is hot.

The scientist also put forward the plausible theory that the oil could have some water hidden under it. Since the two liquids do not mix, pouring water before adding oil will make the water absorb all the heat, and the oil will never boil, even though it could appear to be hot.

Image: South China Morning Post/YouTube

Some have also speculated that the pot on fire and the one in which the monk is sitting are two different pots, and an insulating material could be hidden between the two pots, because there’s no way any human can prevent burns by meditating.

What do you also think? Is the monk sitting in hot oil or just faking it? Or does he have balls of steel?


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