Meet the ‘Donald Trump’ of the Bird World


    Believe it or not, this is exactly how the male Golden Pheasant (Chrysopholus pictus) looks. This bird must be the Donald Trump of the bird world because you won’t find another that’s closer to America’s 45th president.

    It’s found mainly in China. However, there are significant populations of the bird in North and South America, some parts of Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

    With its long tail and bright colours, the golden pheasant, despite being immaculately dressed, is quite reserved and difficult to chance upon in the wild.

    Like the chicken, it also doesn’t fly well and rather spends a lot of time on the ground.

    In November 2016, a five-year-old golden pheasant shot to fame in China after a journalist posted a photo of it online. People were quick to notice the similarity between Donald Trump and the bird’s hair and eyes.


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