Life Inside the World’s Biggest Cruise Ships

    Allure of the Seas

    Allure of the Seas is not your usual vessel. Completed in 2010 at Perno shipyard in southwest Finland, this vessel is one of only three cruise ships in the Oasis-class. They are the biggest ships in the world, the other two being the Oasis of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas which is a little bigger than the other two.

    But size is not all that defines the Oasis-class cruise ships even though they are capable of comfortably carrying more than 5,000 passengers or even up to over 6,000.

    The three ships are the very definition of class when it comes to passenger ships. Inside one of these giant ships, one can only be blown away, since it’s virtually a floating city.

    The quality of accommodation can rival a small decent hotel.

    A living room on the ship

    The vessel is a vast complex lined with dozens of shops, casinos, night clubs, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and cupcake boutiques, ice cream joints and other types of food joints; comedy, music, film theatres and an aqua theatre – a sloped ancient-style amphitheater with its own touch of modernity – located at the back of the ship. In the aqua theatre, acrobats entertain the audience with high and long dives into a pool of water on the stage.

    A Sorrento’s pizza joint on Allure of the Seas

    The ship also boasts a lot of sporting areas such as outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs, ice skating rinks, mini golf courses, a tennis and basketball court, zip lines, rock climbing walls, artificial wave surfing area and more. Virtually everything that one can yearn for while on a holiday, is available.

    An outdoor pool on the ship

    So grand is the variety on the Allure of the Seas that the ship is actually divided into several neighbourhoods.

    According to Royal Caribbean International which operates the ship in the Caribbean, the hardest thing to do after getting aboard the ship is deciding where to start having the fun from.

    A theatre inside Allure of the Seas

    For all its luxury, class and grandeur, a ticket onto Allure of the Seas is not really what you would be right to call cutthroat.

    Tickets for a week’s cruise on this ship start from something in the region of $500 or £500, varying according to factors such as the facilities usable included in the package.


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