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Five Great Careers for Introverts

Image: careercast.com

Good communication and interpersonal skills have become a requirement or at least in some instances, an important bonus considered by hiring managers around the world. Demonstrated ability in these areas will surely give your career a boost.

But what if you’re an introvert? What about people who like little human interaction and steady workflow?

If you’re the type who is resigned to yourself by no real choosing of yours, here are five careers that could be great for you. They’re bound to give you low real interaction with other workmates while offering decent wages.


1. Statistician

Image: careercast.com

It’s all about the numbers and data analysis. Unfortunately, so many people complain about the difficulty of mathematics. That’s the only drawback to being a statistician. But if you’re here, expect to do a lot of data analysis, survey designing, forecasting and handling a lot of numbers.


2. Web administrator

Maintaining and updating web content, troubleshooting and keeping websites fully functional, involves little interaction with others, especially if we’re not looking at a big and busy news website.


3. Aircraft mechanic

Image: Aviation Institute of Maintenance

Inspecting, repairing and maintaining the avionics and mechanics of aircraft is another good fit for introverts. On the downside, aircraft mechanics need to be very meticulous. They also need to climb or get under aircraft, which requires balance and a fearlessness of heights.

4. Computer hardware engineer

Photo: Westend61, Getty Images/Brand X

This job basically involves designing, developing and testing computer hardware components. Repairing computers can sometimes involve interaction with people, depending on the work place. On the whole however, interaction is quite low.

5. Translator

Whether it’s translating speakers live at a conference or translating a document into another language, personal engagement with other people in the course of working, is very low, which comes in handy if you’re an introvert.


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