This Bulletproof Shirt is Pure Class and Comfort


    At first glance, this looks like an ordinary T-shirt. But it is not. It’s quite expensive; but not because it’s a piece of designer clothing.

    Weighing just about 1.90 kg – very light for its capabilities – this shirt is a remarkable blend of protection, fashion and comfort.

    It is a bulletproof shirt from Miguel Caballero, the bulletproof clothing company in Latin America whose customers include Steven Seagal, Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Hugo Chavez and many other politicians, diplomats and world leaders.

    With this shirt, you’re not likely to suffer a lot of damage from gunshots. Be prepared though for the damage of parting with $3,475 for it.

    The high price of this shirt is particularly because it is lightweight. On the outside, the T-shirt is 100% cotton and on the inside, an all-weather microfiber material. The bulletproof panel is removable and lies in between the two layers.

    There are various levels of protection for this shirt and Miguel Caballero claims that it provides complete protection against knives and depending on the level, it can protect against a range of guns from 9 mm weapons through mini Uzi submachine guns, to MP5 and MP9 submachine guns and even Uzi machine guns.

    Miguel Caballero also supplies bulletproof apparel to militaries, police and private security forces.


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