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‘Does He Really Love Me?’ Here’s How You Can Tell

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Love can make you feel very high like you’re on drugs and suicidal like you’re worth nothing. Many women would argue otherwise but a woman is often more vulnerable and has a lot more to lose in a relationship. Which is why knowing whether he really loves you is a big deal.

Now this is not to overlook the possibility that men can get caught in similar situations. Most men however recover more quickly from heartbreaks and relationships gone wrong.

There’s no crystal ball for telling whether your man is for real or not but the following questions could give you a hint.

Consider the following questions. Make an assessment of each question and your situation and try to assign a Yes or No.

1. Future plans

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Does he talk about the future and do his plans include you? If he speaks of and actually makes career and life plans that always include you and factor your relationship into the long road ahead, chances are that he’s really serious with you.

2. Treatment

Does he treat you especially better than he treats other people? Does he treat everyone well and treat you better? Or is he a real jerk to everyone but treats you well? If he does, you could be the one.

3. Sharing his details and past with you

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Does he tell you things about his past and share very personal details with you? Extremely introverted guys with trust issues may not be very forthcoming with their past. Nevertheless, women are often more open with their partners and it’s only normal for a man to also confide at least a little in her.

4. Random nice treats

Does he randomly do nice things for you like taking you out, getting you little gifts and so on? Giving you a nice treat out of the blue such as a present, a dinner out or at his place without you asking, should be there.

5. Losing it together

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Do both of you goof and laugh together often? Even if it’s not very frequent, do both of you know how to get silly together sometimes? If it’s never happened or happens too rarely, there’s something wrong with one or both of you.

6. The three words

Does he tell you often that he loves you? Again, some personality types may not say it very often. But if that and many other things are lacking, you should be concerned.

7. Feeling it

Do you actually feel loved by him? Feelings can be tricky and sometimes love needs time to grow. But this is non-negotiable, especially if you’re not feeling it at all.

8. The close guard

Does he keep you very close when you’re both out together? Sending subtle signals that he’s already attached and not available, is quite a significant behaviour among committed men. If he never ever does it you might want to talk about it.

Now, out of eight, how many times did you respond with a yes? Anything less than five could mean your relationship is not very healthy and you might need to talk with your man to straighten things out.


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