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GhostCtrl; the Scary Android Virus You Should Know About

Image: Shutterstock/Brian Jackson

There’s an Android malware on the loose that can take over your device and quietly control many of your device’s functions. Like the ghost that it is, it goes by the name of GhostCtrl.

Cyber security experts believe that it emerged from a remote administration tool (RAT) called OmniRAT which emerged as a security threat somewhere in November 2015. OmniRAT is a multi-platform RAT that boasts the ability to attack Android, Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

There are now three versions of GhostCtrl and it is feared that the malware could evolve and be improved more to get even better at what it does. GhostCtrl is not your usual malware and the third version has already shown quite some unusual ability.

Once establishing a presence on your device, hackers can use it to steal information, record audio or calls, change passwords, connect to Bluetooth devices, control WiFi and vibration, make calls or even hang up on calls. All these are in addition to ransomware abilities such as those held by WannaCry. The GhostCtrl malware can lock victims out of their device and display a note demanding ransom.

The virus also knows how to masquerade its way into devices. It can appear as WhatsApp or Pokemon Go or less popular apps like Wallpapers Blur HD and Booster & Cleaner Pro. Once installed, GhostCtrl gives hackers a backdoor entry into your device. It does this by launching an Android Application Package (APK) which is a wrapper that pops up and allows a more malicious APK to install quietly in the background without leaving behind a screen icon.

After this is done, hackers can now send encrypted commands to your phone to control it, steal data and upload it to their servers or do whatever else is granted them by the virus.

Now that you’re aware, keep your security tight and don’t joke with the idea of having an antivirus and a firewall. And always keep a backup of your phone’s data: audio, visuals, contacts and so on if you don’t want your phone’s data to be held to ransom.


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