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Five “Dangerous” Drinks That Can Probably Mess You

There’s beer and then there’s alcohol. Most people shouldn’t have any problems taking down a few bottles of beer. Not so with the following drinks which could mess you up terribly.

1. Everclear

You can call this one clear and present danger. Everclear which was banned in the United States and Canada for some years, is a bottle of concentrated ethanol which comes in two varieties – one at 75% alcohol and another at a staggering 95%. The drink is made by repeated distillation (rectification), making it pure with a high toxicity. It is not safe to drink alone and usually goes down as a small shot mixed with non-alcoholic fruit juices.

2. Spirytus

Spirytus Rektyfikowani, another dangerous spirit from Poland, has an alcohol percentage of 95%. It is also made by repeated distillation and is used in making other drinks since consuming it alone can easily cause alcohol poisoning. YouTube stunts and challenges involving this drink are numerous.

3. Four Loko

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States has had issues with this notorious drink from Chicago, Illinois, for good reason. Four Loko is only 12% alcohol but many people have described it as “legalized cocaine in a can” which can produce an effect equivalent to snorting a small amount of cocaine. The drink is notorious for having a combination of caffeine and alcohol. The problem with this combination is that the caffeine suppresses the signs of alcohol intoxication. As a result, the drinker will be able to drink in a lot more alcohol into the body before they begin to feel the effects.

4. Absinthe

This French alcoholic drink, also known as the green fairy, is distilled from the flowers and leaves of a mix of medicinal herbs such as green anise and grand wormwood. It is bottled with a dangerously high alcohol percentage of 45 to 74%. Not surprisingly, it is often diluted with water and sugar before drinking.

The drink was banned in the early 20th century in countries such as the United States, Brazil, Finland, Italy and Germany; most of these countries have now lifted their bans on the importation and sale of the drink. Absinthe remains banned however, in Vanuatu.

5. Scorpion Vodka

With an alcohol percentage of 37.5, this drink is probably not much to talk about. But hold it, scorpion vodka is not called scorpion for nothing. It’s got a sting in it – literally. The drink comes with an “edible” scorpion in the bottle for some more flavour. So when you’re done emptying the liquid contents, there’s a scorpion left for you to eat.



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