Meet Isaac Ansah Akrong, the entrepreneur behind the IT companies Lobsta Poles and Resan IT, the online radio Oliv Radio, and Kofiba hostels, still under construction somewhere behind Apam Secondary School in the Central Region.

Isaac is also the founder of Proud Donors Network which he considers his prized accomplishment. The organization thrives on his resources and is his way of giving back to society.

He had once wanted to become a boxer or a musician since these were the lucrative and revered professions he saw while growing up.

Isaac obtained his education from many schools, some of which he had to undergo disciplinary suspension in. They include St Martins, Happy Days Academy, St Thomas Preparatory School, O’reilly Senior High School, NIIT and Methodist University.

While in college, he started a business dealing in CCTV technology. Unfortunately, he had to travel outside the country and leave the company in other hands. The management was not up to his liking while he was away and the company eventually had to fold up.

But even before that, way back in secondary school, Isaac developed the ability to sell by chance. He bought a portable mp3 player and was able to re-sell it at double its price in school. But credit for his ability to sell is not all his.

In the 1980s, when a famine and a financial crisis were inflicting hardship and weight loss on many Ghanaians, his grandmother who owned a lot of farms and sheds in the markets – potential to make money in such trying times – imbibed into him the principle that one needs to be engaged in some kind of economic activity; even while schooling.

Life was also not very rosy for Isaac Akrong while he was growing up. He credits this fact with some of his success as an entrepreneur. The budding entrepreneur told RegardPost in an interview: “Situations actually force you to carve something. You see, when you are not pushed to the wall, you don’t discover your potentials.”

Reading books he recounts, was also paramount in the home that he grew up in and he “was forced to read like a punishment.”

Isaac would perhaps be a bigger entrepreneur if not for some hurdles along the way. We all have them. Looking back, one hurdle that stands out is failed relationships with women. Older and wiser, he now believes that young men should not think much of relationships but should focus first on building a legacy and acquiring more assets and resources.

Isaac who has lifted himself out of being just a consumer, to becoming an entrepreneur, also has this advice for people: “So when energy fails and time is catching up with you – and now there are big sicknesses in the world too – If you don’t have enough money you’ll die.”

Despite being a budding entrepreneur, his biggest dream is not achieved yet. He is determined to raise a lot of rich men who are rich (not just financially), because if you busy yourself just building without caring for others, they could become potential threats to your investments.


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