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We Can’t Keep Calm Over This Cool Invisible Helmet

A couple wearing the invisible helmet. Can you see it?

Because we live in an age of cool and super cool stuff, someone two people actually, made this epic invisible helmet that you can wear like a boss. It’s called the Hövding helmet.

Let’s all face it. We don’t enjoy covering our heads with helmets when riding a bike. A helmet narrows your field of vision and takes away the feel of fresh air. It just doesn’t feel natural. And yet we need to wear it to protect our brains from damage.

The Hövding helmet has the answer to the slight discomfort that wearing a helmet brings. The remarkable invisible helmet does the job of providing you with regular helmet protection while by staying almost invisible, leaving your head and your hair free to feel the wind.

How it works

The Hövding invisible helmet is an inflatable airbag helmet that the rider wears as a collar, hidden. It’s worn around the neck and inflates with helium in a split second when the wearer experiences an accident.

Image: Hövding

And the helmet knows when its wearer is in distress because the company conducted thousands of cycling tests to determine the specific movement patterns that occur during an accident with a bike. When activated, the invisible helmet pays constant attention to the cyclist’s body movements and when an accident occurs, the airbag inflates immediately, locking the neck and protecting the wearer before they fall down.

According to Hövding, their airbag helmet is made of a nylon fabric that won’t tear when it scrapes the ground, making it able to withstand multiple head shocks in one accident.

Researchers at Stanford University found that the helmet can protect the head from impact more effectively, by up to six times what foam helmets can.


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