Home Tech This UK Artist turns Dead Computers into ‘Computer Bugs’

This UK Artist turns Dead Computers into ‘Computer Bugs’

A computer bug made by Julie Chappel

Electronic waste (e-waste) is a world-wide problem. It grows ever as our dependence on technology keeps increasing and more and more people keep dumping their old electronic gadgets (unnecessarily sometimes) for newer ones.

Disposed improperly, electronic waste can be a serious environmental and public health problem, polluting soil, water bodies, plants, animals, humans and so on with carcinogenic heavy metals.

Amidst the global e-waste problem, some artists such as Julie Alice Chappell who is based in the UK, come up with beautiful ways to raise awareness of the problem of e-waste by transforming it into art, “keeping the art sympathetic to current environmental issues whilst developing an original making process.”

Julie Alice Chappell makes these bugs from the circuit boards and other components of old computers, and they’re nothing short of cute and amazing. Check out some of her computer bugs.

How about that for creativity and skill?


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