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Six Reasons Why You Should Give Your Makeup Kit Some Rest

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Many ladies don’t give their makeup kits a rest, never mind that even when you think about it, the name “make up” implies something that is fake and simply made up.

Some go as far as using makeup until their artificial second look becomes the mainstay; until they’re almost afraid to be seen without it. Apart from its absurdity, there is the darker side: the adverse health effects of makeup (which is all too often made from chemicals and artificial substances). Here are six of the many harmful consequences of using too much makeup over time.

1. Wrinkles

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For starters, makeup is ironically believed to be an accelerator of skin wrinkling and aging. It enters into the skin pores and breaks down elastin, the protein responsible for ensuring that the skin is looking young. The question remains whether one should use cosmetics when they are young and risk more wrinkles when they’re old or rather pass off the chance to appear more physically beautiful than they truly are in their youth, for a lower risk of more wrinkles when they are older.

2. Acne

For those who will not back down on makeup, the skin damage from makeup is unfortunately not always far off in the distance. Many dermatologists share the view that makeup is a cause of acne among at least a quarter of young people. So, for young people who would prefer to ignore the danger of more wrinkles when they’re old, there’s no absolute guarantee of a clean escape.

3. Dark eye circles

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In addition to wrinkles and acne, there is the risk of dark circles around the eyes. While many cosmetic products bear the instruction to avoid the eyelid and the delicate area around the eyes, that part of the skin is not always spared when makeup is being applied. This brings with it the risk of having the delicate skin around the eyes darkened from irritation.

4. Headache

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If the health risks mentioned so far are too remote to worry about or even false, there’s headache, dizziness and a feeling of tiredness can sometimes be brought on by too much make up. Many women would admit to having experienced a mild headache or uneasiness hours after applying heavy makeup.

5. Skin cancer

Some substances used in preparing makeup are known to contain carcinogenic substances so there’s the risk of skin cancer, not to mention the possible attendant effects of cancer treatment such as hair loss.

6. Organ Failure

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Cosmetics may also carry the risk of organ failure. Some are known to contain traces of heavy metals such as barium and lead. Many of these chemicals found in cosmetics can be absorbed through the skin pores into the bloodstream. Lipstick for instance can be ingested along with food. All these can endanger organs such as the lungs and the kidneys.


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