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Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Jeans Frequently

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We like to rock it. They’re too thick to wash easily and yet they also get dirty after some time, just like other clothes. So how often should you wash your jeans? Should you wash them at all?

According to Chip Bergh, CEO and President of Levi’s, you should wash your jeans rarely and not very often, like once in six months. And you shouldn’t use a washing machine. The reason is that frequent washing damages the material, not to mention the amount of water wasted in such a wash.

For any stains that are very glaring, the Levi’s CEO does spot cleaning with a tooth brush. Add to that airing and sun-drying of your jeans to remove any bad odours as they arise, and your jeans is good to go for only a few washes in a year.

Another touted option is leaving your jeans overnight in a freezer to get rid of bacteria, although it’s not exactly clear how effective and safe that is, given that our freezers contain edible stuff most of the time.

But the point is if the CEO of Levi Strauss thinks you shouldn’t wash your jeans often, then it’s settled. Don’t rush to dump your jeans in the laundry right after wearing it. What’s more, Chip Bergh’s point is somewhat endorsed by other jeans makers such as Hiut denim.

However, to be on the safe side, his advice on how frequently you should wash your jeans, should be used as a loose guiding rule. There’s no point wearing jeans that is visibly very dirty, if the last wash was not so long ago.

Where jeans suffer frequent exposure to dust and fine sand and get dirty as a result, washing should be more frequent. Alternatively, or better still concurrently, the exposure to dirt should be controlled: opt for something less thick, easier and more open to washing if dirt cannot be avoided.


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