The Interlace: When an Architect is Playing Seriously

    The Interlace, Singapore (Image:

    How do you place 170,000 square metres of apartment space on 8 hectares of land, along with multiple recreational facilities, without going for a monotonous and unremarkable solitary skyscraper? German architect Ole Scheeren has the answer.

    His imagination spawned The Interlace in Singapore, the 1,040-unit apartment which won the Urban Habitat Award in 2014 and which was also adjudged the building of the Year for 2015.

    Like many other architecture critics, Laura Raskin of the Architecture Review praised Scheeren’s innovative approach to avoiding the traditional compression of dense urban residential space into an isolated skyscraper.

    In place of that, the architect opted for 31 blocks of 24 storeys each, stacked up in a hexagonal arrangement surrounding eight courtyards with swimming pools and other recreational facilities.

    The result which looks as though an architect was playing with a collection of blocks, is simply breathtaking.

    The Interlace, Singapore (Image: RSP Architects, Planners & Engineers)
    Top view of The Interlace (Image: metalocus)





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