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Video Games in the Olympics?


Imagine the best video gamers representing their countries at the Olympics and competing for Olympic medals in video games.

Funny as it sounds, the International Olympic Committee could consider e-sports and video games in the Olympics in future. Yep, this generation couldn’t pass off the temptation and is now pushing to have video games in the Olympics.

The International E-sports Federation is already working towards that and has begun the process to have e-sports recognized by the International Olympic Committee. While this would take some time, maybe years even, video games will join the fray if the Federation is successful.

The Olympic Committee of the city of Los Angeles, one of the cities vying to host the 2024 Olympics, also says it views the immense global popularity of e-sports and its continued advances in digital technologies as “tremendous tools for reconnecting millennials with the Olympic Movement.”

At a time when the International Olympic Committee has been trying to modernize the Olympics, and has added sports such as surfing and skateboarding for the 2020 Olympics, the prospect of having e-sports recognized in the Olympics somewhere in the future, can only get brighter.


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