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This Bedside Alarm Needs You to Get Up to Switch It Off

The Ruggie floor mat alarm

It’s a tired man’s nightmare: waking up later than you intended and faintly remembering you switched off your alarm when it rang.

Almost equally horrible is tormenting yourself many times with the snooze button on your alarm simply because much as you want to get up, your body still wants just a little more sleep.

The Ruggie floor mat alarm is going to be the gamechanger. Coming in the form of a bedside floor mat, it requires you to get out of bed and stand on it for three seconds to switch it off. And it’s got no snooze. It’s simply up to you to gauge a good distance for its audibility and for your need to rise to switch it off.

Seriously, if this can’t get you out of bed, you’re too big a sleeper to be wakened by any alarm and you probably need a special custom-made alarm which will do the worst – stand your bed in a vertical position and violently eject you like you’ve done something wrong.


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