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Samsung Galaxy S8 to Feature ‘Infinity Display’


Samsung has no doubt been battered by the spontaneous combustion of its Galaxy Note 7 which resulted in the device’s recall. But the company could make up for some lost ground with its Galaxy S8 device expected soon in April 2017.

The success of the next edition of the technology giant’s flagship device could be crucial for the above reason.

While the Galaxy S8 is yet to be unveiled, early information suggests that the device’s screen will make near-maximum use of the phone’s front surface area. This feature will be marketed as “infinity display”. Samsung has already filed a trade mark on the name infinity display.

The screen of the S8 goes all the way to the left and right edges of the phone’s front and curves downwards on both edges. Although not the company’s first curved screen mobile device, it’s likely the screen of the S8 could take up so much of the front surface area and leave no space even for Samsung’s logo.

Expect the Galaxy S8 screen to look like this, with no space for Samsung’s logo

It is likely that Samsung intends to introduce the infinity display as a new trend and standard only for its mobile devices, since the trademark application for the Infinity Display was for use on its mobile devices. This means Samsung’s monitors and TV screens won’t have them just yet.


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