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How to Keep Your Plants Watered While on Vacation

Avoid this while on vacation

Suppose you’re going away on a trip and much as the plants would need to be kept watered, there’s no one at home to do that.

You can take care of that problem with this simple solution.

In just about an hour after you set up this self-watering system for your plants, your potted plants should start receiving water and still do so after you have gone. More fortunately also, no plant is going to take more water than it needs.

Image credit: scissorsandsage.com

Set up a sizable basin or pot of water a little above your flower pots. Connect each flower pot to the water with cotton or woolen twine. At one end, the twine should be anchored in the water with a light piece of weight and at the other end, pressed an inch or two deep in the soil.

If you don’t have twine, a strip cut from old cotton clothing should suffice.

Keep the twine connection to each flower pot slightly tight and free of any dips and your plant-watering wick should work just fine.


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