Ghana-made: Jeremiah Quarshie’s Amazing Paintings

    Yellow is the colour of water (Jeremiah Quarshie)

    Once in a while you come across that hand-made drawing or painting that is on the verge of being a victim of its own beauty – so real that it could easily pass for a photo (all due respect to photography as an art on its own).

    One such class of works is the “Yellow is the Colour of Water” series by Ghanaian artist Jeremiah Quarshie.


    In it, Quarshie uses a hyperrealistic painting of a woman seated on a throne of yellow “Kufuor” gallons, to shed light on Accra’s age-old urban water problem and the power inherent in water’s status as a basic necessity of life to level the society and draw people from  various social strata in its search; especially women, who in traditional Ghanaian society are often the ones saddled with drawing water.

    Quarshie’s other works are of no less remarkable realism. Light, subjects, and the inanimate are all carefully rendered to levels nearly indistinguishable from photos.




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