These Hyperrealistic Drawings by Ghanaian Artists Will Amaze You

    In progress: Thomas Sankara by Reuben Adamah

    Many Ghanaians know them. Many more don’t. They’re probably not as recognized and celebrated as they would be elsewhere but these Ghanaian artists making photorealistic and hyperrealistic pencil drawings are killing it in their own ways. Check out eight awesome graphite and charcoal artists and their works (in no particular order).

    1. Reuben Adamah

    Thomas Sankara (by Reuben Adama)

    This drawing of Thomas Sankara by Reuben Adamah is out of this world. We won’t can’t say anything.

    2. Theopencil

    Obama by Theopencil

    His name is Theophilus Boateng Sarpong, also known as Theopencil. This one is too perfect that it’s a victim of its own beauty. Anywhere, it would pass for a photograph but it’s just another one of his drawings.Just one of them.

    3. Samuel Obiri

    Now this is another wicked one. It was done by artist Samuel Obiri and is testament that hard work yields success. This artist wasn’t pulling off such awesome drawings a few years ago.

    4. Pencilmaster

    Ama Abebrese by Pencilmaster

    Albert Dogbardzi who goes by the name of Pencilmaster, is quite a sensation on Facebook, and a master. We heard the actress was very elated when this or a print of it was presented to her as a gift by Pencilmaster.

    5. Jeffrey Appiatu

    You can say this guy is in a class of his own, all due respect to other Ghanaian hyperrealistic artists like him. Does that make any sense? There are others like him but there’s no one like him.

    6. Kobi One sixteen

    The owner of the pair of hands behind this one goes by the name of Kobi One sixteen. This one too is almost terrifying and looks as if that eye could open any minute.

    7. Steven Larbi

    Yvonne Nelson by Steven Larbi

    Now we’re even tempted to put a disclaimer on this one but this is a pencil drawing which we have confirmed with the artiste. One of the best hyperrealistic drawings ever.

    8. Obeng Amoako Boakye

    Another impressive one. Those glasses just make you wonder.

    9. Mr. Simple

    He goes by the name of Mr. Simple and he’s another testament of what constant practice can do.


    1. Thanks for the feature. I’m Steven Larbi and please my drawing of Yvonne Nelson was made with pencil. Its not a photograph. Thank you once again


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