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These Foods Hate Your White Teeth

A smile projecting an array of very white teeth is priceless in today’s world, a vital component of one’s image, and many who don’t have a set of flawlessly white teeth are left either wishing for it or trying all sorts of mixtures to get it.

While we’re at wishing or working to get white teeth, here are some foods that are not to be favoured too much and to be taken in moderation because they are known for their capacity to stain the teeth.

1. Coffee

Coffee contains tannins which are acidic and alter the ideal pH conditions of the mouth, doing some damage to the teeth and leaving a yellow tinge over time. It is believed that adding milk mitigates the strength of coffee. Do you know any heavy coffee drinkers with yellowish teeth? The two occurrences are more than likely to be related.

2. Tea

Image: tea n things

Tea also contains tannins and it stains the teeth, although it is widely considered a bit less strong than coffee. Teas other than black are also known to have some staining power although less than other types of tea like green tea.

As with coffee, milk can make the tea better and mitigate the effect on teeth colour.


3. Wine

Image: Chartelli’s

Wine has also got quite a combination of tannins and citric acid and is known for contributing to a grey shade of teeth.

4. Soda and fruit juices

Consumption of cola, soda, dark juices like cranberry and juice of acidic fruits such as citrus, is also to be minimized.

Besides being acidic, these juices often contain sugars which give the bacteria in your mouth a lot to feed on.


5. Vinegar

Often used in dressing salads, this dark acidic liquid ingredient is also not very friendly to white teeth.

6. Beetroot

Its strong distinctive colour and pigment gives it away and this vegetable is not so much more kind to the teeth than it is to clothes and tablecloths.

So these are some foods known for their ability to discolour the teeth. This is by no means an exhaustive list. As a loose guiding rule, if the food can leave strong stains on clothes or tablecloths, it’s likely to be strong in staining the teeth as well.


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