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A Very ‘Sirius’ Pocket windows PC is About to Change Things

The Ockel Sirius A: a six-inch touch screen device small enough to fit into your hands but having USB ports (including Type C), LAN, micro SD card and HDMI ports, a quadcore processor and enough RAM and disk storage to rival a desktop or laptop. In addition to these, wireless, Bluetooth, an earphone jack, and of course a front-facing camera.

The Ockel Sirius A is in essence, a computer in your pocket. It’s probably the most amazing Windows 10 device right now, given its size and capabilities. With its numerous connectivity options, it can even be used together with a monitor via HDMI, and a mouse and keyboard via USB ports or Bluetooth. The device can itself also be used as a keyboard or mouse while connected to an output display device.

Despite being a mobile device that can fit into the pocket, the Sirius A can run the full windows versions of most software without losing any functionality to its status as a mobile device, providing a full desktop experience, according to Ockel. So powerful is the Sirius that it’s even a gaming option when combined with a monitor or HDMI-compatible display, and a USB controller.

The Sirius A measures only 150 mm x 85 mm with an inclined screen giving it a height of 20 mm at the top and 6 mm at the lower end. Though as powerful as a computer, the Sirius does not need cooling fans and doesn’t make even half as much noise.

Unfortunately, this remarkable device is still in development and will only be ready by May 2017. That’s unfortunate because it is not very easy to be left waiting to see such a device come around even if you’re not a gadget freak dying to buy one. On the good side, working prototypes of the Sirius have been developed by Ockel through crowdfunding and the device is almost guaranteed to make its full entry on the market soon.


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